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Private Stories

“Like the next day, I didn’t feel bad about it, but I still didn’t tell my friends about it, you know because it’s still kind of… its almost, it’s kind of taboo...” (Darren *) -- *all names are pseudonyms

Some of the intoxicated sex stories were not to be shared publicly, but told to select few, friends or confidantes who could be trusted to be non-judgmental. These private stories centered on intoxicated sex experiences that were less certain to meet with social approval and challenged notions of dominant masculinity supported in public stories. Instead, stories exposed young men’s vulnerability in intoxicated sexual situations and expanded notions of sexual pleasure ascribed to young men.

Good Sex Stories

Narratives of pleasure:

“It was just like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Just kind of heightened intensity and I never connected that much with another human being, Um, I’d never connected that much with a girl, I’d never experienced anything like that.”



Redemption Stories

Narratives of recovering sexual functioning after substance induced impotence:

“The clothes came off and I swear to god, I was trying but the spirit was willing and the flesh was no where near in any way able to cope, so never happened…woke up in the morning and did things properly.”



Shouldn't Have Happened Stories

Narratives of regret:

“So uh the details were a little of fuzzy and alcohol was very related on that night and it was one of those things that we both at the end of it we knew it was a regret. Both because she liked me and I liked her sister and…we all worked [at the same place] together, as well.”



Weird Sex Stories

Narratives of ambivalence:

“I didn’t get really too much enjoyment out of it. I just wanted to have sex because I hadn’t had sex in a while… Normally I think that sex is a bit dirty but when I’m drunk, I don’t care.” 



“I guess in some technical way it did like relieve a lot of tension…it kind of didn’t break the dry spell because what I think that means is…that sense of accomplishment where you feel satisfied and good about yourself and that didn’t give me any of that because I didn’t earn it.”



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